Corporate Events

At Windman we believe that a corporate event is first and foremost an experiential marketing tool, one that brings the brands visions and values to life.

That is why we create each event exclusively to the specifications of your company, delivering a unique experience that leaves a mark on your target audience.

Our vast experience includes international corporate events such as: congresses, product launches, business conferences, gala dinners and other unique events.

We are well familiar with the challenges that lie in managing a successful event for your company, and are there to guide and navigate you through them, from initial conceptualization down to creating the design and ambiance, locating sponsors and selecting the suitable content.

Following the initial planning, our team of experienced experts will cater to every detail of the logistics and execution such as security, registration, compliance codes and crowd control.
We will be on hand round the clock orchestrating your entire event to meet your company’s needs and goals, affording you peace of mind to focus on your business.